Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beat The Clock

I am writing this with the last of my energy. I have been working non-stop, all hours of the day. No exaggeration, I have only slept 14 hours this past week. Please don't read this as a complaint though, I am so happy and proud of what I have been able to accomplish.

On Thursday and Saturday I was able to spend the afternoon with Youtube Fashion Guru Jessica [Watch her videos on youtube: ilyjessicaomg]

After the Thursday shoot, I worked 3-12am.

We spent several days collaborating on a series of photo shoots, displaying the garments I have created for my summertime lines; IMperfect Clothing and Ugly Duckling.

More photos are soon to come (unable to process them yet due to time constraints)


Sunday was Easter. I went to brunch with my Mom and Dad at the Red Apple, in Aptos. Salmon scramble was yumazing. We had a delicious brunch and delightful conversation, then I went to work 3pm-12am.

Monday I worked 3-12am, then after work I came home and couldnt go to sleep because I was still in work mode. I stayed awake until 4:30am editing prop images and then slept until 8:00am.

Tuesday I packed up props, and equipment for the film I am working on, showered and got ready to go to my second job. I got off work at 1pm, came home, packed gear into my car, and headed downtown to meet cast and crew at the warehouse where we were going to film.

2pm-2am was spent filming the first sequence of shots for a key scene in the film. The lighting was amazing and so much hard work and positive energy went into it. I am very excited for the project to have taken off on such a good foot. Here is a picture from on set.

Now I should probably try to get some shut eye, so I can recoup enough energy to drag myself through another hectic week. I guess this is the time for that, right?

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